Possibles Bags

Your choice of possibles bags, either shoulder strap or belt. Solid heavy leather or soft leather. Handmade here in the USA from Vegetable tanned cowhide. Roomy enough for all your small items, for the trap shooter, the belt bag will hold 2 full boxes of 12 g shells easy to hand when on line. 45.00 ea with free shipping. As they are all handmade each bag will be slightly different. We know you will be pleased. Questions can be emailed to us at thru_the_centuries_traders@yahoo.com, or message us on FB.

Catlinite Pipe

Hand carved pipe with stem, a true smoking pipe or to hang on your possibles bag, or sitting around camp made from Catlinite Pipestone. Approx 2.5 ” high, stem is detachable so it will fit well in any bag. stem is 9.5 ” long. American made.

60.00 including shipping, as this is a personal item it cannot be returned once used. Like us on FB, search us on google, or email us at thru_the_centuries_traders@yahoo.com with any questions, we are also available to answer your questions by phone. Number is on our website, call only between 9am and 5 pm EDT.

New Items

Good day and thank you for your patience as we add new items, with the covid problem it has been hard to obtain new supplies in a timely manner from our vendors. That is now resolved. As of tomorrow we will add several new items to our page, as well as botanical soaps and leather goods. Look for our line of handmade, handforged goods, and accoutrements. Including a complete beginners kit with all you need to get started. As always we can be reached through FB or email at thru_the_centuries_traders@yahoo.com

Thru the Centuries Traders Sale

Available Sat/Sun 27/28 Feb, at the Knoxville Expo Centre RK shows gun show. 2 Taurus 709 NIB 9mm with all paperwork and spare magazine. Price includes a box of 9 mm ammo. Also a Ruger LCP in 380 with box of ammo, I am posting on my website to get around FB arbitrary deletion of posts that do not fit their agenda.

Taurus 709 with 50 rounds of ammo 375.00
350.00 with 50 rounds of ammo

All prices are non negotiable, check out local ammo sales, a bargain at the price

Requirements are simple, you must be a TN resident over 21, have either a TNDL or CCP to purchase, even as a private seller I will copy your DL number and name in the book I keep for such sales. I reserve the right to refuse the sale for any reason.